It finally rained…. (Studio Mix)
It finally rained…. (Studio Mix)

There is a unique and somewhat discomforting tinge to the midday sun here in Los Angeles CA. From noon till 3pm, the risk of sunburn is high. All colors besides green

March Theme Mix – Mereological Nihilism

  Download 320 kbps MP3 (right-click, ‘save as’): HERE Stream (with tracklist) on Mixcloud: HERE   A rather literal title to this month’s theme mix. I am currently on the

For Breathing in Cold Climates – Ambient Mix

An ambient/psychedelic mix for moments of long time. I enjoy listening this kind of music while doing yoga or other activities requiring concentration. A nice background of uplifting and mentally

It’s Winter-Time For Jasmine Tea (house/techno)

A rather long (~2 hours) mix I put together on a lazy afternoon, sipping jasmine tea and wishing I were someplace else…. It’s been almost 9 months in Minnesota now

Liquid Crystal Audio presents ‘Lazydiscoliscious’

Here’s a short, ~50 minute, mix that I put together as a sort of demo for a new DJ alias devoted to disco, funk, groove, jazz, and RnB – Liquid

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