Weekly Mix – February 2014, volume 1

This week’s mix is full of new music–well, new for me. I stumbled into Pig & Dan’s Beatport collection, all 13 pages of it, and wow. These guys must never sleep or something – an amazing discography. Although most of their production has something going for it, the ravier/emotional tracks are the ones I am feeling most. I’ve included a couple of them here, including the stunning Bodzin remix of Love Song. Also notable on this mix is the old but still great Hermigervil remix of Gus Gus’s ‘Hold You’. I first heard this mix someplace live in Seattle in the mid 2000s and have been trying to fit it into a mix since. Although it grooves on its own, it is super difficult to mix into. While this mix of it is by no means perfect (a little heavy on the delay….) I hope you enjoy it anyway. Lots of L.o.v.e. in this mix. Just in time for that Valentines thing. Expect more along those lines next week.


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