Weekly Mix – February 2014 vol. 3


It’s getting colder, not warmer, here in MN. That sucks. So does being cooped up inside a building all day, every day. This brief (but oh, so long) exodus to my homeland has left me with a cold, metallic mouthfeel and a growing desire to sell everything and move to Mexico. Seasonal affective disorder is the real deal, guys. It was awful in Tacoma and Olympia, in a sort of creeping, moldy, festering wound sort of way. Here in Minnesota, or anywhere close to Canada (what an unfortunate country!), SAD is simply painful. If it were rainy and 40 degrees outside, I would have a choice to go enjoy myself, or wallow in seasonal self-pity. Here, we have no choice but to wallow. And wallow we do, all of us. Together in one house. Day after frigid day. Minnesota is a masochistic state full of silent, emotionless white people who take great pride in their ability to semi-hibernate for 6 months out of the year, consume alcohol, and not complain about things that are really very OK to complain about, such as 7 foot snow drifts, getting your car stuck, and freezing nose hairs.

In the cryogenic spirit of February, 2014, this final mix to close the month out speaks to a certain side-affect of cabin fever – relationship stress. You can make your own assumptions parallels here – as always, these mixes are meant to be narrative, but interpretive. Weekly Mix Vol. 3 for February begins with some strange stuff from Mr. DJ Koze, moving into heavier and heavier deep house and techno, culminating in one of the most incredible pieces of audio put forth by the multi-faceted Max Cooper. As the mix winds to a close you should hear some resolution, compromise, and frustration. All the components of a great relationship, bound up into some cold, reflective house music for your longing moments of wintery reflection. Enjoy!

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