February 2014 – Top 10

This month’s Top 10 is pretty eclectic. Some of it is current from the last few months, some of it a little older. As usual, it is heavier on the house/techno side, but I’ve included a couple of downtempo gems that I’ve been playing a lot of lately. Typical. Chaotic. Two Si Begg tracks, even though I haven’t featured them in any of my most recent mixes. If you’ve been following The Chaosthetic for a while now, you will know that I can’t get enough of this guy’s uptempo work (the dubstep stuff is really just a lot of noise to me…). Si Begg is hard to pin down and even harder to fit into a set. But when it works, it slaps you across the face like so many dead fish – and in a good way. Delicious. I’ve also included the giddy Kasper Bjorke remix of Last of Our Kinds – just an amazing specimen of pure, synth-pop goodness. A lot of these have been featured in this month’s Weekly Mixes, so don’t forget to check them out!

  1. Mirko Loko – Timeline feat. Francesco Tistano
  2. Jackmate – Wolfen
  3. Conforce – Temporary Reversals
  4. Tone of Arc – Love Kissed (Luca C. Brigante Warehouse Dub)
  5. Pig & Dan – Love Is (Pitchverb Remix)
  6. Max Cooper – Echoes Reality (Si Begg Remix)
  7. Si Begg – Fresh Breath
  8. Yuksek – Last of Our Kinds feat. Oh Land (Kasper Bjorke Remix)
  9. Ripperton – L’Ardo
  10. Lewis Fautzi – Point


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