It finally rained…. (Studio Mix)
It finally rained…. (Studio Mix)

There is a unique and somewhat discomforting tinge to the midday sun here in Los Angeles CA. From noon till 3pm, the risk of sunburn is high. All colors besides green blur together into a singular, photonic white. Sunglasses are requisite, as are deep tans, searing white stucco, and the spiked accent of Dracaena. The sun is the only constant. Weather is a memory. Days float by like mirages, broken only by the fog that seeps in at dusk like the smoke from some colossal bonfire on the boardwalk. People speak of this “June gloom” as though it were tornado season in the Midwest– “I’m so sorry. The weather is just awful right now. June gloom is the worst.” As far as I can tell, any clouds not composed of exhaust or carbon in LA are good clouds. The native plants and other semi-arid tropicals that thrive here need all the moisture they can get–many up-taking a significant portion of their H2O needs directly from this sunrise/sunset cloud bank. And for us humans, any change in the solar dynamic is welcome. Imagine a world where the scuffed remains of a million rubber soles, tires, and cigarette ash never wash away. Where paint comes in two colors, bleached and salt-encrusted. “Oh, just wait. You’ll understand. June gloom is the worst.” Maybe I will come to abhor this atmospheric phenomenon in due time. I can see how, with such little rainfall, so little change, how these clouds tease the subconscious like a starving man who can’t get the smell of roast chicken out of his nose. These clouds remind us of rain. Oh, sweet, sweet rain.

It has rained twice in two months (prior to moving here I would only consider one of these instances a ‘proper rain’). LA averages 14-15 inches of rainfall per year, although picking an average for this region is like finding the mean of a random number set. Venice, situated directly on the water, averages 13 inches, while the San Fernando valley (still in LA!) averages 20 inches. Temperature can fluctuate by 20 degrees within ten miles. Even the people defy categorization–everyone you meet is a combination of five or more nationalities. The only constant here is the sun. And everyone breathes a humid sigh of relief when the rain comes. It is the oil in LA’s solar-fueled engine and we are perpetually overdue for a visit to the meteorological Valvoline. You can almost sense the pistons slowing down, smell the oil begin to burn; people grow increasingly anxious, irritable, and sleep deprived; plants begin to wilt and burn around the edges; the tisk-tisk-tisk of lawn sprinklers echo dully against burnt grass.

I made this mix during the height of the only rain I’ve experienced since setting foot in LA in June. Having moved over seven times in the last five years, to six cities in three states, LA has been the most difficult transition of all. I cannot blame everything on the city, as in their chaotic complexity, all cities are inherently difficult places for humans to navigate/put roots down. Maybe it is my age, the culmination of too many years spent floating between places, decisions, and possible futures. Like this city, I too have been burning the candle at both ends since leaving college in 2008. There are layers and layers of psychic grime covering the cardinal directions on my self-confidence compass. Maybe I needed to leave the lands of excess water, of constant lubrication, to realize that I have been over-watered for too long. I am a cactus and have been rotting away, saturated and sidetracked, engorged by  constant distraction. Here in the desert, you are the change. And when the rain comes, you cherish the reset.

125-128 BPM trippy, drippy, saturated techno that draws from the more emotional, synth-heavy music I’ve been digging lately. It would be lax to not mention the inspiration that Moontribe collective has had on my sound over the last two months as well. There is a certain stripped down, rounded, open-desert texture to the techno you hear at Moontribe events and I suppose this mix draws on my subconscious understanding of their events. Expect more along this auditorial line as the summer draws on–I’m really feeling the contrast between ethereal, extra-terrestrial desert techno and tribal, organic sounds. Hope you enjoy this mix as much as I do. 🙂

peas, love, and fat beets.


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