The living dead (psychedelic/deep techno/acid/rave)

I’m still reeling from this mix…. Lately, the borders of my various interests are crossing and blurring–this mix reflects some of the more existential issues I am encountering on my way to writing a sci-fi epic I’ve got bubbling away on the back burner. More to come in the future, including a possible mix series devoted to the story. We shall see.

For now, turn the lights down low, close your eyes, and drift away. Psychedelic head-space experimental 128 bpm techno, minimal, and rave stuff.

I welcome any praise and criticism. Please leave your comment at the mixcloud page below:

320 kbps MP3 download (right-click, save as): The living dead.mp3 and comment section: The living dead (stream)


**Terence Mckenna quotes from podcast 400 of The Psychedelic Salon (

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