Two mixes for July
Two mixes for July

Hey guys,

Been playing around with some different sounds lately. These mixes reflect my current vibe, a slowed down, deeper sensation returning to my broken beat roots. “I’ve gone miles to take another step” begins with some emotionally charged downtempo tracks and slowly morphs into a 2-step and broken bass workout. “The mind outside” was recorded in between yoga poses and as such, begins with 30 mins of atmospheric, meditative soundscapes to help focus the mind and body. It quickly winds up, into liquid DnB territory, with some Goa and 2step thrown in for good measure. The ending is pure bliss and breath work.

Both mixes are not super tight, but the track selection and transitional elements are some of my best yet, I think. I hope you find something to love in here, as both mixes are quite long.

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I’ve gone miles to take another step (breaks/deep)

The mind is outside (chillout/meditation)

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