Two mixes for the 2017 eclipse
Two mixes for the 2017 eclipse

The lead-up to this year’s total eclipse was a bit hectic for me and I meant to release these mixes prior to leaving for Oregon this past week… Unfortunately, I had some trouble accessing my domain (hackers? I blame Russia…) until now. So here ya go! A little late, but still worth it IMO.

This first mix is a collection of 130-140bpm, but still downtempo-ish breakbeat from the last 15 years. I have a growing collection of what I’ve come to classify as ‘pretty-breaks’ in my music library. This is the first mix I’ve done with said collection and I am very happy with how it turned out. Expect more along this vibe in the future.

Download link (right-click, ‘save as’): August 2017 Eclipse Mix – E-tempo Breaks

The second mix is also different from my normal house and techno sound. In this mix, I explored the hard, fast, and psychedelic side of things–music that I’ve enjoyed dancing to over the years, but never had enough material to really get into a mix. This one is a long-player, clocking in around 2 hours and over 20 tracks. It was so much fun to record that I am thinking about making this style/speed more prominent in future mixes.

Download link (right-click, ‘save as’): August 2017 Eclipse Mix – Bangin’ House/Techno

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