The Chaosthetic is an ever-evolving entity, aka David Hvidsten, born to a piano teacher and a mathematician in a small Minnesotan town. Saturated by the idealism of early rave culture, Hvidsten left the cornfields of his youth for the Tacoma/Seattle metro area in 2004. As DJ Dawnstealer, he hosted the Thursday Night Mix on KUPS 90.1, the underground Fluid Nights parties with DJ Brad Miller. The Chaosthetic emerged as a DJ and producer following a move to the Bay Area, CA in 2009 where he held a weekly residency and management position at Mua Bar/Lounge in Oakland, CA. Returning to Minnesota for a brief stint, The Chaosthetic is set to invade Los Angeles, CA summer of 2014.

Frustrated by the decaying imagination of once optimistic and exciting DJs/producers, The Chaosthetic gives outlet to the scattered flotsam of beauty that struggles to shine through our narcissistic dance music paradigm:

It is the enveloping warmth of a well-worn bass bin, the soft echo of footsteps in an empty warehouse, the timbre of a 5 AM sunrise, the deafening crescendo of a thousand ravers as the bottom drops out. The frequency of pleasure, the pitch of insanity, the resonance of pain, the rhythm in a dancer’s exhalation, the reverberation of our lives in the infinite puddle of chaotic reality….

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