Theme Mixes

These mixes are released, usually, on a monthly basis and curated with an eye to a particular concept or theme. If you are looking for theme mixes from the past and cannot find them here, please check The Choasthetic on for a full archive of all past mixes and (mostly complete) tracklistings. If you would like a download link, please email me with your request.

*Unless otherwise stated, all mixes were recorded using Traktor Pro 2 (NO SYNC!) with splashes of vinyl.

‘Ableton Mix’ = Composed, recorded, and mastered using Ableton live software.

TO DOWNLOAD: please right click the player link and ‘Save As’ audio file to your computer. Enjoy!!



(house/techno) It’s Winter-time For Jasmine Tea: Download

(disco/groove) LCA pres. Lazydiscoliscious: Download

(ambient) For Breathing In Cold Climates: Download



(breaks/techno) Midnight Sun II – Burning Man Mix: Download

(house/techno) Fata Morgana – Burning Man Mix: Download

(hiphop/experimental) Exodus Medley – Burning Man Ableton Mix: Download

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