A whole bunch of mixes, real quick, for downloadingz

Here are a bunch of mixes that I haven’t had time to post individually as I’ve been doing on per week for a while now… Included below is a mix

We are in Los Angeles. New MIX!
We are in Los Angeles. New MIX!

A new mix for a new home and lots of new, overwhelming feelings. This one drops down the ear canal around 115bpm and covers a range of sonic sensations: acid,

Guest mix for Simon Happe Mixcloud – techno/house

Hey everybody, So, in the midst off all the move complexity I managed to bang out a fast techno and deep house thing for UK DJ Simon Happe’s Mixcloud page. Check

sun through the droplets – NEW MIX

My current taste in techno is this big, echoing, deep tech house love child thing on lsd, in the clouds. It makes me feel as though my body is lighter, my head

Liquid Crystal Audio presents Chronicles 4:20 (A Zombie Jesus Mix)

Yesterday was a strange Easter-fried 4.20 and I had to work brunch. In order to redeem myself, I mixed this down in the aftermath. Funky, glitchy, hiphop-y stuff with lots

Weekly Mix – February 2014 vol. 2

  He lives! I finally hooked up the microphone today and, thus, you will hear my voice at the beginning and (barely) at the end. This is still in the

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