New Moon in June mix
New Moon in June mix

Hey humans   I’ve compiled a mix for this wonderful month of June, just in time for the Summer solstice and the new moon. This one was a labor of

Back at it. A mix for the March full moon, 2017!
Back at it. A mix for the March full moon, 2017!

New gear, new year! After a long hiatus, The Chaosthetic is back at it. I’ve traded the S4 controller and Traktor for a standard DJ set-up (finally!), as well as re-purchased

February 2014 – Top 10

This month’s Top 10 is pretty eclectic. Some of it is current from the last few months, some of it a little older. As usual, it is heavier on the

Weekly Mix – February 2014 vol. 3

(house/techno)  It’s getting colder, not warmer, here in MN. That sucks. So does being cooped up inside a building all day, every day. This brief (but oh, so long) exodus

Weekly Mix – February 2014, volume 1

This week’s mix is full of new music–well, new for me. I stumbled into Pig & Dan’s Beatport collection, all 13 pages of it, and wow. These guys must never

January 2014 – Top 10

I know this list is a bit late coming, but what with the website revamp and starting a new day job…you get the picture. Lots of older (“older”) stuff here,

For Breathing in Cold Climates – Ambient Mix

An ambient/psychedelic mix for moments of long time. I enjoy listening this kind of music while doing yoga or other activities requiring concentration. A nice background of uplifting and mentally

It’s Winter-Time For Jasmine Tea (house/techno)

A rather long (~2 hours) mix I put together on a lazy afternoon, sipping jasmine tea and wishing I were someplace else…. It’s been almost 9 months in Minnesota now

Liquid Crystal Audio presents ‘Lazydiscoliscious’

Here’s a short, ~50 minute, mix that I put together as a sort of demo for a new DJ alias devoted to disco, funk, groove, jazz, and RnB – Liquid

January 2014 Weekly Mix #1 (techno/breaks)

The first installment of my Weekly Mix series. Keep an eye out each week as we move into 2014 for a new studio mix, recorded live in my home studio in a

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